Monday, April 25, 2016

Hanami Video

I know its been a little while since we went out for hanami but we finally got around to finishing a short video for it. We ended up having such a good time that we didn't remember to film much! But you can get a quick glimpse into our second day of hanami and the area we were at in Ueno park in Tokyo.

In the video you see us start with our walk to the station near our house. Kris recently found a nice walking path that makes a shortcut from our house to the station and, amazingly, this path happens to be lined with sakura trees so we always have a really pleasant walk. You might notice I'm carrying a super heavy tote bag in the video- that was our picnic bag! Its a big thermal bag we bought here at Costco and in it we had some tarps for the ground, some sushi, some drinks, and some cookies.

At Ueno park we were able to find an open spot on the ground to lay out our tarps. Many places have been fields where you can sit but this park had just a very large cement walkway that was sectioned off into tarp-sized spots. You take off your shoes before going on the tarp too. Its Japan. We all brought our own food but also brought cookies and ships to share as a group- it was a pretty amazing lunch. There were all sorts of people and tourist groups walking around. There were some other landmarks to check out nearby too so after our lunch we walked around a bit.

Hanami really is amazing and I cant wait to bring it home and enjoy it with you guys.


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